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Choose What Makes You Happy

Unique and colorful Mixed Media Collage, 11” x 14” x 1.5” on paneled board, using vintage photo images, handmade papers, old book text, found images, and acrylic paint.

Choose What Makes You Happy

SKU: 0006
$400.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price
  • Choose What Makes You Happy is part of my "Warrior Women" series. A warrior woman challenges societal norms to follow their own path and bravely claim their own identity. My perception of what a warrior women is continues to be challenged. This photo called out to me and I wanted to know more about this person. At first labeled Amelia Robles, soldadera in the Mexican Revolution, it turns out the story of this warrior is so much more. Assigned female at birth, Amelia’s family nevertheless supported her interest in horsemanship and weaponry as she was growing up and even supported her to enter the military. At age 24, Amelia became Amelio and dressed as a man and demanded the respect of a man. His military skills and accomplishments helped make this possible. He gained respect and became a Colonel in the Revolutionary Army. He was a warrior in so many ways, going against all cultural norms of his time and place. He was accepted as a man by his family, community, and government. He lived as the man he felt himself until his death at age 95. Rumors say that he requested at his death that he be buried in women’s clothes to meet God as he came into the world. Whether that is true or not, after his death, efforts were made to reidentify him as a woman, including a museum in honor of La Coronela in his home time.

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