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Persistence Will Pay Off

Unique and colorful Mixed Media Collage, 11” x 14” x 1.5” on paneled board, using vintage photo images, handmade papers, old book text, found images, and acrylic paint.

Persistence Will Pay Off

SKU: 0003
$400.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price
  • Perseverence Will Pay Off: A warrior woman will persist through even the most difficult times. She knows who she is and holds on to traditions that connect her to the land and her community.


    This woman is from the Ukraine, late 1800's and her image called out to me many months ago before Russia's invasion and attempt to occupy Ukraine. It was emotional to work on this piece at this time because felt so much anguish for the Ukrainian people, and also the Russian people who oppose this action. I am heartbroken in the face of the reality that war and military actions never seem to end, and millions of people will continue to be displaced and many will lose their lives. The damaging power of Imperialism remains strong.

    For more about Women's resisitance in Ukraine click on her image in the Warrioir Women's Gallery.

    I am so inspired by this woman's image. She is resolute, determined, and her spirit of steadfast bravery speaks so strongly to me. My sense is that she "shall not be moved", that she is a fighter for freedom with the goal of safety, independence and stability for those she loves.

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