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Don't Let The Moment Pass

Unique and colorful Mixed Media Collage, 11” x 14” x 1.5” on paneled board, using vintage photo images, handmade papers, old book text, found images, and acrylic paint.

Don't Let The Moment Pass

SKU: 0001
$400.00 Regular Price
$360.00Sale Price
  • Don't Let The Moment Pass is part of my "Warrior Women" series. A warrior women is a fierce defender of of her family and community. She is poised an dready to take action when needed.


    My first inspiration for the Warrior Women series, even before I knew it would be a series, was a group of photos taken around 1890 of “Samurai” women. It was the beginning of the pandemic.  I felt deeply disheartened by the political climate of the country, outraged at the erosion of democracy and basic human rights, and anxious about the looming climate crisis that threatened our very existence. I needed to connect with the Warrior spirit that has brought us through other difficult times. Historically women have always played the roles of environmental activists, protectors, and peace keepers.  In my art I wanted to emphasize the collective power and determination of women globally and historically.


    The Samurai Women of Japan, known as the Onna Bugeisha, defended their communities and went to war when needed during the 11th through 19th centuries.  Women of the Samurai class were tasked with the protection of their homes when men were away on military campaigns and many became known for their heroics on the battlefield. They were highly skilled in weapons, horseback riding, and martial arts. 

    Visit her in the Warrior Women Gallery to learn more.

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