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Trust Your Intuition IIA warrior women thrives as a leader and creator in her family and community. She brings beauty into the world.


This piece in my “Warrior Women” series features a photo of a Tehuana woman from Oaxaca Mexico which was originally on a Cabinet Card (postcard early 1900’s). Tehuanas are indigenous, descended from the Zapotec people, one of the most developed MesoAmerican cultures. The culture was and still is very egalitarian and matrilineal. Women today are the ones who run all the markets and are the economic decision-makers. The women also create and wear the beautiful embroidered garments that this area is so well known for. Frida Kahlo featured the Tehuana style in many of her paintings. Tehuana women are admired as confident, hardworking, enterprising, and icons of style and beauty Their distinctive dress remains a proud statement of their cultural identity and traditions. In the Diego Huerta documentary, “Tehuana” , an elderly woman speaks to what it means to be Tehuana, “A set of feelings and ideas and creativity too. Survival, fight, and courage”.

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