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A warrior woman seeks the comfort and solidarity of sisterhood. She builds relationships that sustain, challenge, and nurture. She stands with her sisters in times of strife and dances with them in times of joy.



This image of two women standing closely, holding hands, just called out to me. I have been blessed with sisters in my life, two who are my actual siblings, and others who grew to be sisters through the many intense experiences that we shared along life's path.


It was difficult to track down any information about this photo. Their dress seems distinctive but I couldn't identify a specific place or time. I consulted with @vin.tagephoto who suggested that they are from the Tambov Province, Lipetsk District, an area rich in history located in the central steppe-forests of Russia. I'm open to any insights others might have as well.



One thing I do know is that sisterhood is found across that globe and is highly valued in many cultures. Right now, in my life, it seems more important than ever. I'm curious- how do you experience sisterhood in your own life?

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